1. People think the Highway Patrol saves lives. The purpose of speed limits is revenue generation and to help auto insurance companies. They cause flow conflict and inattention resulting in higher death rates. This is why the German Autobahn has death rates half of the USA motorways despite speeds well in excess of 200 kph being common.

2. People think the police save lives through drug control and gun control. The truth is these policies kill people. Drug addicts are scared of getting treatment and drug cartels make higher profit margins. It is possible to kill more people with a car than 99% of shootings.

3. People think central bankers help the economy. The truth is they create inflation, increase volatility, lower productivity and increase inequality.

4. People think George Bush is the number one enemy of terrorists. The truth is he worships the Rothschilds and Rockefellers that did 911.

5. People think the historians teaching the Holocaust are good. The truth is it is just a myth.

6. People think analysts and journals want to help their readers make money. The truth is news is fabricated to manipulate supply and demand imbalances to make retailers lose money on markets.

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