Trump charges are media ploy


They are trying to act like the government is fair and honest. The truth is, Trump and everyone involved in the case know the government is corrupt and dishonest. All of the 10000 most powerful people in the World know that the Holocaust is a myth and 911 was an inside job along with many other hoaxes. The Rothschilds are filing these cases against Trump to impress me and at the same time give the public the idea the government is good. You can’t trust anything you read on the media. All the media is controlled by the Satanic bloodlines.

Anyways, things are going really good. Within an hour of the multi-train crash, my dad paid 9120 to list me on Jeevan Sathi dating app. Phoebe Gates birthday is September 12. All the girls through the app are Rothschild agents to make me give up my religious and political views. The numbers indicate that with 99.9999999%+ certainty that Phoebe Gates is going to Hell. Anyways, they are surging black magic and voodoo dolls on my family. They have mental health and police cars parked in front of our house in Kolkata to intimidate us a bit.

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