March 1, 2022 Santa Clara hearing update


I should note I represent Allah. I am the most mentioned Prophet in the Bible and Quran. The Bible, Quran and Muhammad says I have authority over all flesh. They say I will become ruler of the World by the age of 34. The United States is Great Satan. The Quran states Satan is the primary opponent of Allah. The Quran states Allah is infinitely more powerful than Satan. The Quran says the party of Allah is victorious. The Quran says Allah is the ultimate master and creator of the Universe.

The authorities had many options on the 14th and 1st to show strength but rather they showed weakness. They could have confronted me about the prosecution’s claims, they could have requested I come to Santa Clara, they could have requested I posted bond, they could have filed a bench warrant, they could have filed other cases, they could have added charges or they could have at least requested my location. They did none of this. They are scared to confront me.

I am getting reports that an increasing number of Rothschilds and Rockefellers are dying from my  curses. Many of them have been cursed with terminal illnesses from me. They are confused about what to do. They are covering up what is going on. We have to hound the enemies whenever they show weakness. We have to play hardball. We have to play dirty. We have to show no mercy. Remember when Aaron was playing hardball a year back. I was in jail in restraints and my mom was on cancer treatment unsure how long she will live. He played totally dirty. We play totally dirty. We are on the more powerful side.

Let me tell you one thing, the reason the Rothschilds are using these low level pawns is because the Rothschilds are weak. My parents don’t think the Rothschilds are culpable because they are hiding. I believe they are more culpable because they are hiding.

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