Snubbing Santa Clara hearing


I am not attending. They will not let me speak or submit any evidence. It will be one sided. They always snubbed me. I will snub them this time. They are enemies of Allah. They already made up their mind of what to do. It is all orchestrated. They have been mocking me on Facebook and Hotmail along with surging black magic. Black magic is punishable by death along with eternal torment and suffering in Hellfire. I want to point out, the prosecution requested my bail be increased by 3000% for failure to appear despite the fact they ordered me held 500 miles away. They were scared of going to trial or arraigning me so they played many games. 

Let me make this clear: they know where I am through several elements. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, NSA, FBI, CIA and more have my location 24/7. I have been abducted by aliens over 1,000 times. They put a quantum computer in my brain that emits radiation that is trackable by satellites. All of my phone, computer, internet activity has been tracked since I was 13 when the Satanists realized I was Christ. This is a very giant elaborate operation like September 11th or Manhattan Project. Understand these operations involved big sums and many people yet the outside public was completely misled for a while.

They can order me arrested in India and held without trial, arraignment or charges. They can have me brought to the United States. They can declare me an enemy combatant and take me to Guantanamo Bay. The Rothschilds have the power to do this instantly. They are avoiding this option because they want to avoid attention and want to convince me I am crazy. Everything they have done over the last 18 years has backfired but they hide like fucking cowards. The psychiatrists are all lying. Authority is in the wrong hands. The dishonest people are being believed. The charges are very frivolous and have questionable constitutionality. 

I believe Chuck did a very bad job representing me. I was tortured extensively under imprisonment to force me to take a plea deal and give up correct views. I can’t get a fair trial. Chuck is under Rothschild’s black magic. Time upon time I have been saying the treatment is unethical, immoral, illegal and unconstitutional. Yet more treatment was always requested for me. All the witnesses, expert witnesses, prosecutors, judges and police are taking bribes. I believe however I came out as the winner because of my faith in Allah. My spirit has grown over 10 quadrillion fold since the San Mateo arrest.

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