Satanists are such a joke


The satanists want me to work for them. For one thing, they didn’t even let me benefit a penny from my first 100 billion dollars of work. In fact, they hurt me from it. I made numerous consistently highly profitable systems that they reversed and made me lose money on. Then they were fabricating I was mentally ill, turning everyone against me, torturing me, mocking me, insulting me and imprisoning me. They don’t treat me fairly. They think I deserve nothing because I represent Allah. So far they have shown no respect for my right to earn money and keep wealth. I can easily make 50 billion dollars a year cash flow for a top company with minimal investment or risk. Even if they gave me a billion dollars a month salary it is not worth it. I would be attached to the money and be less religious. They can freeze the assets and have more leverage over me to force me to worship satan. It is clear they are getting more wicked at an accelerating pace. For one thing, I have been asking for a public apology and compensation for years. They have grown at least 100,000 times more wicked over the years. So they won’t give it now if they didn’t give it back then.

My only option is fighting satan. The Quran says that Allah gives maximum status to those who fight evil. I should note I am being tested like Prophet job. So far satan has inflicted over 400 billion damage on me. Job overcame his hardship from satan by praying. Not by working for satan or worshiping satan. Allah maintained the basic sustenance of prophet job throughout his hardship. When his hardship was over job was rewarded multiples of his damages for resisting satan. I have enough assets in India to live comfortably for decades. I should note that according to the Quran, Allah determines everyone’s sustenance. I think my sustenance is guaranteed forever because I always resisted evil despite much persecution. Satan is my enemy and Allah is my friend. The Quran states that nothing can change the destiny set by Allah. Furthermore, everything happens by the will of Allah. I should note that I believe that prayer is the best thing to focus on. One thing I should note is that the enemies kept showing fear of me being religious thousands of times despite me not being a financial threat to them. That just made me more religious.

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