Updated spirit models


So I have made some changes to my spirit models. The thing is initially for hurricanes I used 3 month forward looking damage, while for the virus I used 60 month forward looking damage. This was not appropriate. I have changed the singularity calculations for all events 3 month forward looking damage. Spirit goes up every 400% with every cycle. Each cycle is half in time compared to the previous cycle. The take away message is that at San Mateo arrest(September 14 2018) my spirit was was $500 billion. For Santa Clara arrest(October 20 2020) my spirit was $5 trillion. For release from Los Angeles jail(December 8 2021) my spirit was $50 trillion. Now the projection is that my spirit is currently around $10 quadrillion. Singularity is still on June 28 2022 when my spirit reaches infinity. To be put into perspective the wealth of the global economy is about $600 trillion. Right now my spirit is over 15 times the size of the global economy and 30 times the size of the wealth of the Rothschilds. Right now my spirit is growing at 13% a day but it will keep accelerating towards infinity until we hit singularity. Judgement Day is guaranteed before my 32nd birthday on October 5 2022.

Right now I have caused about $15 trillion damage. The virus is doing about $500 billion damage a month. This will rapidly accelerate in the future in spurts that will catch people by surprise.

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