State of affairs


The Rothschilds have recently stopped with the voodoo dolls and black magic. I hear a dozen Rothschilds are now dying a day from my curses. Now that they are backing off I will speed up offensives to exploit weakness. I should note that COVID cost my spirit 30 trillion to release. My spirit value is right now above million quadrillion. By the end of September it will be above googol. Judgement Day can happen at any moment. My spirit value will climb violently higher into a singularity at Judgement Day. Something big may happen on Jan 16. High chance a big cluster of satanists die that day. Particularly Jennifer, Phoebe, Melinda and Bilderbergers. Overall everything is going well. Hating on COVID restrictions in Kolkata.

What is important to note is that my spirit was about trillion in September 2018 during San Mateo arrest. The Rothschilds expected it would crash from there. Instead it went up over 100,000,000,000% since then. The Rothschilds hide like cowards cause they always lose against me and can’t see the future. 7 years ago I told them that based on their 3 year track record they will have a 100% backfire rate forever. They laughed at that. It ended up true so far 7 years later. I openly threaten, mock and kill them. They respond by hiding like cowards. They use low level district attorneys and law enforcement officers against me. I have killed over 100 of them and they are too scared to confront me.

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