Singularity calculations


There are 3 important points in the development of my spirit. Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. I caused 100 billion damage then. 58 months later start of hurricane season in August 2017 with Hurricane Harvey. I caused 300 billion damage then through Harvey, Irma and Maria. 29 months later the rapid spread of COVID starting in January 2020. So far that is responsible for 30 trillion damage. The first cycle from October 2012 to August 2017 damage tripled in 58 months. The second cycle from August 2017 to January 2020 damage went up 100 fold in 29 months. Based on these three data points and two cycles my powers are going up at an accelerating geometric pace or approaching a singularity. Each cycle is half in time and has 5 or more extra doublings compared to the previous cycle. This extrapolates to current levels being beyond million quadrillion dollars. It may be way beyond that but there are not enough data points. Whatever the level it is well beyond the wealth of the global economy(800 trillion).

I define singularity as googol dollars value because it is impossible to hit infinity. Googol is 1 followed by 100 zeros. To give an idea that is more than the amount of subatomic particles in the visible universe. Extrapolation brings that singularity for my spirit gets hit before August 2022. The pioneer of the concept of singularity is Ray Kurzweil. On December 14, 2012, Larry Page announced the hiring of Kurzweil by Google. I recommend everyone read Singularity is Near by Kurzweil. Many trends in nature behave as a singularity including mathematical, economics, biological and physical. Mathematical singularity is dividing a number by zero. I wanted to note that even electromagnetic and gravitational forces trend to infinity as distance approaches zero. The economy for the past 200,000 years is growing at an accelerating geometric pace. Human population for the past 200,000 years is growing at an accelerating geometric pace. Computing power for the past 100 years is growing at an accelerating geometric pace.

While these sound like extreme numbers understand that scripture states that God is infinitely more powerful than satan. The Satanists have over 300 trillion and this is still considered infinitesimal of God’s power. I am going to elaborate more on Muhammad saying a single prayer is worth more than the whole world has to offer. If we were to convert the mass of Earth into energy the value would be above quadrillion quadrillion quadrillion dollars. If we were to convert the mass of the Earth into a quantum computer the value would be well in excess of a googol dollars. It is commonly said that the spiritual realm is infinite of the material world. I know I am talking big numbers. But understand that a simple android phone is worth trillions of dollars in computing power 50 years ago. Civilization is progressing at an accelerating pace with the movement to singularity being the ultimate progression.

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