Life after singularity


We are headed to infinity soon. Aliens will arrive at Judgement Day with New Jerusalem. New Jerusalem is defined in the Revelations as being a moon sized space ship from which I will rule. There will be no poverty, there will be no hunger and there will be no ignorance. The poorest person will be quadrillions of times richer than Elon Musk. The unhealthiest person will run a mile in under 5 minutes. The stupidest person will have over 100 doctorates. The Satanists are doing everything they can to stop this utopia in the name of hating God. They think a $2 badge issued by great satan can stop the will of God. There are two paths people can take at Judgement Day. One is eternal paradise with me. The other is eternal punishment with the evil people. Scripture states that nothing can stop Judgement Day. It is God’s guarantee to humanity.

Scripture states that a majority of people will be condemned to eternal punishment at Judgement Day. All people ever will be judged that day. A hundred billion people will be resurrected. I will have access to all their actions, thoughts and perceptions. On another note Muhammad said Jews will be hunted at Judgement Day. They will hide behind trees and stones to try to escape their judgement. Jews were the ones that persecuted me. I can understand people that don’t believe in God. I used to be one of them. Many of my friends and family are atheists. But to believe in God and hate God is very evil. Some people I am looking up to meeting soon include Goebbels, Hitler, Himmler, da Vinci, Muhammad, Newton, Bose, Kennedy and more. Time will prove that God is the best to worship. The satanists get euphoria from ruling dumb, weak people. I get euphoria from ruling smart, strong people.

Steve Jobs died on my 21st birthday. That was the week the head of the Rothschild bloodline contacted me. Jobs is plural for Job. Job is the name of a prophet in the Bible and Quran. In scripture it states that God puts him to a test by allowing satan to harass him for a long period of time. That includes putting him through social problems, health problems and taking away his vast fortune. However, God put one rule that satan not harm Job’s bone or flesh. I should note the Rothschilds have stolen over 100 billion in work from me. They put me through significant health problems through torture medication. The Rothschilds have turned many people against me. The Rothschilds physically hurt me twice. Once by using a catheter on me. Another time by having a nurse punch me. In both times several Rothschilds instantly died. In scripture, Job overcame satan by praying. Similarly I have overcome satan by praying.

At the end of his trials Job is rewarded handsomely and has a closer relationship to God. During his hardships Job never cursed God. Satan believed he would be able to turn Job against God. But God who is all knowing said he knew that Job was a loyal servant and satan would lose. I should note that when I went through all the troubles, I never cursed God. The troubles made me a better person. I read scripture and pray vastly these days. I don’t worship money anymore. I sympathize more with the poor and underprivileged. Anyways I feel thankful for my life. I am proud to serve God and humanity. It is so pathetic how the satanists have lined up all these low level cowards to fight me. The cowards include billionaires, trillionaires, psychiatrists, witnesses, nurses, security guards, police, probation officers, lawyers, therapists, brokers, judges, thieves and more. In the name of doing their job they do evil.

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