USA daily COVID deaths will exceed 10,000


A month ago I was looking at the rate of doubling for the omicron variant and noted that with near certainty most of the global population will be infected within 3 months. Only in the last week has that become consensus among the experts. I also noted back then that deaths per day in USA would hit a new all time record. I also noted that we would run out of hospital icu beds. We will see this take place in February. Right now we are seeing about 3,000 max deaths per day. The all time high currently is 5,400 deaths on February 12 2021. Right now there is doubt among experts we will see a new record in deaths per day. I believe the statistics are setup for seeing at least one day exceed 10,000 deaths.

We should note that cases are forward looking to deaths by 2 to 3 weeks. The case fatality rate is now about 1 in 1000. A year ago it was 1 in 200. The lower case fatality rate is from a combination of vaccines, milder variant and better care. A 7 day average deaths per day of 2,000 implies 2 million infections per day 2 to 3 weeks ago. The official cases count isn’t capturing the true amount of infections. My models predict we should see this wave top off within 3 doublings at 10 million infections per day and over 80% of the population infected. This will happen a few weeks from now. That will likely bring at least a day in February with five figure deaths.

I should note the high amount of infections gives a larger scope for deadlier and more contagious mutations. These mutations can create more waves in the future. To be honest five figures deaths in a day is more of a psychological warfare I am waging against the USA. It comes to show God’s power over the world. We had over 60% of the population vaccinated in a year and there is still a larger wave of deaths. I should note that this is just a tiny showing of God’s power. Forget killing 10,000 people in a day. God has the capability of killing billions within a second. Based on calculus I see a singularity in my powers by Elon Musk’s 51st birthday on June 28. Gates turns 66.666 years old then. We have yet to see even a quadrillionth of God’s wrath.

Numerous times the scientists claimed we conquered the virus only to be tricked. When the vaccines came out, the Rothschilds boasted to me that my virus can’t do any more damage. I laughed and said we will see mutations create larger waves. Since then an extra 40 million died and the virus did an extra 20 trillion economic damage. At the time the virus killed about 20 million and I knew from collaboration with the aliens that we designed the virus to kill above 100 million people. I also knew the aliens are infinitely more powerful and smarter than any human entity. Aliens are defined as armies of heavens and angels in the Bible and Quran. Bill Gates has told me before that he is scared of UFOs. I like seeing UFOs, particularly swarms. I have been abducted by aliens over 1,000 times.

I should note a few interesting things. Micro in omicron comes from Microsoft. The location South Africa is where Elon Musk was born. Elon Musk is 7000 days older than me and has power level 7 like me. He had 7 houses in California. He has known me since I was 12 as my dad was one of SpaceX’s initial engineers. He signed the Gates Giving Pledge on April 13 2012 the day I killed the Devil’s(Musk boss) dog and Buffet announced he has cancer. I wanted to note Musk and Buffet used to be close friends with Gates but have recently distanced themselves from Gates after seeing the escalating feud between me and Gates along with the release of the virus. Gates pushed the San Mateo and Santa Clara cases against me since 2018. It backfired tremendously on him.

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