Taunting Illuminati agents


Illuminati agents are so pathetic. I have taunted many of them. I give them the opportunity to beg for mercy or apologize. Not even a word of protest despite them, their family and friends well being at risk. I have killed Gates mom, dad and sisters. I have killed Biden son, Zuckerberg 3 unborn kids, Kobe Bryant, many Rothschilds, many Rockefellers and other Satanists. Not a single one of them have confronted me. The closest they have come to confronting me is getting their pawns Ritika, Shamik, Srijita or low level prosecutors to file cases. The satanists act like they are not involved in the cases but I know they are definitely involved from numerous elements. The cases by the way totally backfired. They tried crashing my spirit through imprisonments yet it rocketed over 100,000,000,000,000% so far.

The Illuminati is an organization of ignorant cowards. They all fear the devil. Let me note scripture says I offer infinitely larger rewards and punishments than the devil. Scripture also states I win over the devil forever. Yet the masses herd towards the devil, money and sin. Muhammad said at end times the vast majority except for God’s closest servants will be deluded by satan. It is just like how on markets the vast majority of people are deluded. Delusion goes beyond religion and markets but into the realm of policy such as gun laws, drug laws, psychiatry, speed limits, monetary policy and more. Society is so stupid and ignorant. Just because something is popular or believed by the majority does not mean it is true.

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