The Rothschilds are holding everyone hostage


The Rothschilds consist of about 1,000 super rich bankers primarily based in London and Paris. They have been compounding their money tax free on markets for 300 years. They keep the world’s most powerful, influential and rich people their slaves. Most of them are sired secretly and they are very reclusive. They are considered satan’s family and the ruling satanic bloodline. They are ruled by the devil who is written about in the Bible and Quran. The devil holds most of their power. The second ruling satanic bloodline is the Rockefellers. The Rockefellers primarily live in New York. Most power and wealth of the elite is concentrated among a group of 200 Rothschilds and Rockefellers. The Rothschilds have over $300 trillion and the Rockefellers have over $40 trillion. I have met about two dozen Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

The satanic bloodlines hate god and worship satan. The Rothschilds control the police, banking, military, medical, legal, corporate system and more. I wanted to note the Devil 40th birthday is on October 8 2003. This is when I was arraigned for 10 felonies at the age of 13 for denying the USA is under god. The former Rockefeller head 40th birthday was on June 12 1955 which coincides with my dad’s birth. Gates, Zuckerberg and Trump are the main Antichrists. The Rothschilds are behind all the wars and terrorist attacks along with Kennedy assassination. There are 13 satanic bloodlines. The world’s 10000 most powerful people are aware of this. So are many outsiders but less than 1% of the population. There is a secret organization called the Illuminati headed by the Rothschilds since 1776. The Illuminati includes politicians too like congress, senate and governors.

My second arrest was on April 13 2009 13 days before Jennifer Gates turned 13. My third arrest was on September 14 2018. That arrest was based on someone that was 3 years 17 days younger than me and took place 17 years 3 days after 911. For the third arrest there are reciprocal dates off 911 and the person was a Stanford biology major like Jenny Gates. For the second and third arrests the addresses are related to Google and Microsoft founders along with purchase prices related to Bilderberg group. The chances of this is less than 1 in a trillion. The third, fourth and fifth arrests were organized by Bill Gates because I refused to sleep with his daughter Phoebe and worship the devil. One thing to note the third arrest was 10 days after Google 20th anniversary. The fourth arrest was on October 20th 2020. The fourth arrest was 777 days after Google 20th birthday.

I have been blacklisted by the Illuminati since I was 13. That is when they recognized I was Christ from a case. This was further reinforced from my second arrest. Basically the devil had ordered since then that if anyone from the Illuminati helps my family they risk having their family tortured and killed. Some people from the tech industry and Arab royalty have violated these orders and have helped me with intelligence, jewelry, electronics, favors and Bitcoin. The Illuminati can monitor all internet activity, computers, telephones and more. All the intelligence agencies are in their pockets. They get professionals to violate ethics laws easily. I have used white magic to kill several hundred Illuminati members over the years. I have cursed them all with terminal illnesses and they should be dead by June.

For the record I am deeply thankful to the people who risked them and their families’ lives to provide me help. There were some people critical in my success in beating the Rothschilds. They pointed out to me the power of God over satan. They pointed out that the reason the Rothschilds like to hide is because I have advantage over them. Some of the best advice I have been provided includes if I believe in God nothing can beat me, I am destined to overpower the Rothschilds and always follow my own thoughts. Paul Allen contacted me in June 2011 and categorically warned not to deal with Gates. Everything the satanists has thrown at me has backfired. They have wasted tremendous time, resources and effort on their part for an opposite result.

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