Team Crescent is fully ready and mobilizing…

Okay, so basically, I contacted the district attorney and FBI Agents in my case via email. I was investigating, reporting and fighting government corruption along with promoting justice and reporting crime. I was particularly inquiring and implying Rothschild’s involvement. My probation officer called me and my mom about it to start bitching about it. It was not a violation of my probation and/or any known laws. By the way, the DA and FBI Agents didn’t bother to respond. The probation officer made this fabricated claim that I was not taking “medication”. For one thing, I have still been saying “delusional”(as the doctors says) things despite always being on “medication” for 8 years. The fact the “authorities” have such a negative reaction to my justice-seeking shows they were and are corrupt. They think a probation officer, district attorney or FBI Agent can prevent Judgement Day. LOL. Anyways, just torture, CRUCIFY and humiliate the high-level Satanist masters more. Not a single word of protest from any of my enemies when their families are at stake for eternal torment and suffering. LOL. They are so confident in their victory due to their money, “power” and cowardice. They’re still cruising at 100% backfire rate after 9 years…

The Satanists have been ramping black magic to all-time highs. The damage from the Navy accident is at least $2B. Anyways, there is going to be fifth detention soon. I am calling it, Team Crescent will strike back causing at least $100 quadrillion+ damage. Judgement Day is very soon… Global governments will be at war with aliens(it will be very very quick). 100B+ people will be resurrected, then most will be executed for abode in Hell-fire. The minority will go for abode in Paradise. I will be King of the World. I personally haven’t made any decisions as of now to torture, kill, humiliate and/or imprison the district attorney, FBI Agents or probation officer and/or their family members. They may have been under coercion and/or black magic. My tax dollars and Allah provide for their sustenance. Suddenly because I am in probation they see I am not allowed to make accusations, inquire about corruption or reveal crimes done. Anyways, recent actions will make “teaching respect” much funner.

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