The HATERS keep hating…


Bill Gates is often regarded as “Master of the Universe”, “Most Respected Man”, “Greatest Philanthropist” and many other “good” things. He really is at the bottom of 100+ billion people born on this planet. He’s the primary Anti-Christ and flouts this by making his house 66,000 square feet and putting 666 in his salary at Microsoft. My astrology cycles indicate that after October 22, 2018 the next day he can die is November 3, 2020. But there are some unknowns, how long do I have him and other high-level miscreants in my custody? When do I have them in my custody? What do I do to them in my custody? What do I do with their bodies after execution? I can pretty much do whatever I want and still live forever.

Honestly, I would really prefer that my enemies just take a cyanide pill as quickly as possible. That would solve everyone’s(including their’s) problems as quickly as possible. They should have after seeing shit go down in 2012. My estimates are that my spirit level will be 3,000%+ this Fall relative to Fall 2018 and 300,000%+ relative to Fall 2012. There is just no way they can win. Anyways, Judgement Day is soon, very soon. Aliens will lift my body and this time I stay up. Aliens will also instantly turn hostile against all global governments except for some Muslim countries. It can take place any day between August 19 and October 31, 2020. Most favored though after October 5th, 2020 when I turn 30.

Anyways, as I am typing up this article. Right now Rothschild sees it on my computer and he is using very heavy voodoo dolls. I’m thinking when I inject 666 pounds of fat into high level Satanists and CRUCIFY them naked after a program of “treating respect”. I’ll give them thorny crowns to wear “Sons of Satan”. To those that were involved in corruption against others, not just me but anyone. I hope that they pray to God for forgiveness. Hell-fire isn’t quite a rosy abode. God will evaluate justly measure good deeds versus bad deeds. There will be subcategories within Paradise and Hell-fire. Each with differing levels of punishment.

I like kids a lot, particularly toddlers and newborns. I see them as very innocent. It gets to me how evil people can come from kids. I will look into the lives of evil people and see how they are brought up. On another note, one thing my enemies like to do is post photos of amputated people, people with eyes taken out, people tortured by police and doctors doing surgery without anasthesia. They’ve been doing this since May 2012. They also did this on TV and newspapers before but later removed it with black magic from my family’s members. They do this to instill fear in hopes I their black magic would work better and that I would capitulate.

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