Growth of spirit from activity


Basically there are many ways of looking at valuations. Companies are generally valued at their cash flow over the next 5-10 years. Mass shootings are valued at actuarial damage which is average lifetime production per head. Natural disasters are valued based on instantaneous damage. Based on these valuations coronavirus damage is valued at anywhere from $60 trillion to $2 quadrillion+. So far coronavirus racks up $35 trillion in lost production and $25 trillion in health costs and human toll if we look at instantaneous damage. On a five year forward looking basis from January 2020 the damage will be well in excess of $100 trillion dollars. I have been building models correlating prayer to my spirit value. One thing is clear, my spirit is going by the Law of Accelerating Returns. As time progresses the returns keep accelerating higher and higher.

Most people are familiar with linear or saturation models. In linear models the growth is continuously at the same nominal pace like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Simple addition. In saturation models, growth slows down to zero as we get to higher levels. A minority of the population is familiar with exponential models. In exponential models growth is at the same geometric pace continuously. The simplest way to think of this is doubling such as 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. Simple multiplication. Accelerating returns models means we reach extreme values much sooner than we think. As we continue with growth to higher levels geometric pace continuously gets faster. The initial release of coronavirus cost me $30 trillion in January 2020. Initially the Rothschilds stole about $100+ billion from me and this was credited to spirit value. This theft from me took place before I started praying.

Before January 2020 I only prayed about 1000 hours in my life. So that equates to the initial 1000 hours of praying being at above .5% return per hour from the equation 300^(1/1000). The 300 comes from dividing $30 trillion by $100 billion. So far in my life I have prayed around 3000 hours total. Lets say for instance that every 1000 hours I pray the growth rate doubles. For instance the first 1000 hours .5% per hour, next 1000 1% per hour, next 1000 hours 2% per hour. and next 1000 hours 4% per hour. That would mean that my spirit value is right now above 27 digits. We get this from 1.012^3000*$100 billion. The 1.2% is the estimated average return per hour in first 3000 hours assuming my growth rate doubles every 1000 hours of prayer. In practice it is actually much more complex than this but I am simplifying the calculations to bring in an approximate estimate.

Based on this model my spirit reaches 44 digits by 4000 hours and 77 digits by 5000 hours of prayer and well over googol by 6000 hours. I should note that limitations on my free will such as black magic, medication torture, stealing, imprisonment or restraints mean I get extra prayer credits. The ultimate violation of free will is hurting my bone or flesh and results in my spirit automatically going to infinity. Furthermore people under my protection are counted. That is why the Satanists have been unable to crash my spirit. I am right now praying about 11 hours a day. Eventually I want to generate energy from praying so that I don’t have to eat or sleep. When I get to this stage I will be praying 20+ hours a day. If given the choice between taking $100 trillion or praying 10,000 hours. I would take praying 10,000 hours. In fact I have been given this choice numerous times and each time took the praying option.

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