31 days detainment: Sep 4 to Oct 5


So it looks like the Satanists are continuing with a 100% backfire rate. They gave me half a dozen+ weight gain torture drugs yet I ended up losing 12 pounds in 31 days detainment. They tried to hold me indefinitely but Trump(he’s one of the anti-Christs) health deteriorated. I was released from forced hospital detainment when he was released from Walter Reed. Me and Trump got discharged within 2 hours of each other. On another note my sister’s middle school was named Walter Reed.

Anyways here is some of the claims I will make.

1. The heatwave was due to me, the highest temperature. 121(11*11, 11=number of letters in Jesus Christ).

2, The record wildfires in CA, OR and WA were due to me. Never have we seen 3 states see record wildfires at one point.

3. The aliens will spread a deadlier strains that will kill 100 times more people than Covid-19 wave one.

Anyways, actuarial damage from fires is estimated at $200B+ taking into account premature deaths, health costs, property losses, costs of fire fighting and more

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