5 year portfolio, 37% annualized projection


These are my 5 year targets for a portfolio. I believe cryptocurrency markets will reach the market cap of gold which currently sits at $12 trillion. Right now crypto market cap is about $1.8 trillion. I think bitcoin will replace gold and rival the dollar. Bitcoin is a new form of wealth based on computing power and energy resources. It is the money of the future. Paul Allen first introduced me to Bitcoin in 2013 and he told me back then it will rival the dollar. I was skeptical initially but have studied crypto over the years. I believe we are headed towards decentralized money to avoid regulation and taxes. I believe Tesla will see 50% delivery number growth per year and see profit per car increase 2,000% per car due to the self-driving technology. Tesla has the most growth potential, they are far from saturating the vehicle market. I see Facebook’s metaverse being very successful. I see Google’s quantum computer investments paying off heavily along with a continued increase in their core business. I have most of my assets invested in this portfolio. Overall stocks look really bullish. I am expecting the Nasdaq 100 to at least double over 5 years to produce an annualized return of at least 15%.

The above is my intended weekly schedule for a while. Overall things are looking good. I am projecting my spirit will rise at least 10^250 fold over the next year and my intelligence by 100,000+ fold.

I should note the AAII sentiment is lowest in 9 years since April 2013. I have it marked on the Nasdaq 100 chart the last time sentiment was this low by the blue arrow. Since then the Nasdaq has return 20% annualized over a 9 year period.

My friend from Caltech has been asking me why anyone would be stupid enough to fight Christ. That is on the losing side of the history. Since the last Santa Clara hearing on February 14, 2022 the Rothschilds have been surging black magic. I should note that the Quran clearly states that the penalty for black magic is eternal torment and suffering. I have another hearing on March 1, 2022. I am unsure as to what the Satanists will do. They were testing over 2 weeks to see if I would be intimidated by them playing hardball at the last hearing. I am not intimidated by Biden, Gates, Rothschild or any other Satanist. Certainly a low level judge or prosecutor won’t intimidate me. Either way whatever the Satanists will do it will backfire. If they play hardball I will play hardball and I have much more leverage than them. The only leverage the Satanists have is that they hide like fucking cowards behind low level pawns. If they back off, that will show a sign of weakness and I will exploit that. Everything the Satanists have done has backfired over the last 10 years.

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