6th hospitalization, 10th imprisonment soon…


Okay, so the date is set. I will be hospitalized from June 23 till July 1. My electroshock therapy will start on June 26. Basically, the Satanists are using this procedure to intimidate me from my religious and political beliefs. I believe it will backfire on them. Aliens will respond with massive damage and my intelligence will rocket. Anyways, I am perfectly satisfied with things. Be on the watch out for news events during this time period. Personally, I think my enemies are getting dumber at an accelerating pace. I am promising at least $250 trillion damage in response by the end of the year. I should note everything else the enemies has done has backfired based on millions of things. From a statistical perspective, it is basically guaranteed this procedure will backfire on the Satanists.

I wanted to note in response to the Ritika Dutta cases I did the following amounting to over $60 trillion actuarial damage:

  1. Lost production, recreation and education, $15 trillion.
  2. 300 million people with permanent organ damage, $30 trillion
  3. 30 million premature deaths from virus and starvation, $15 trillion

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