Aliens want to kill the 99%


“The Messengers who lived before you were also accused of lying, but they exercised patience. They were cruelly persecuted before We gave them victory. No one can change the words of Allah. You have already received news about the Messengers.”


The Bible and Quran makes many references to aliens under the codenames “Army of Heavens” and “Angels”. The truth is the Universe is a simulation in a computer. Aliens are sent by this simulation as a representative of Allah. The goal of the simulation is maximize worshiping of Allah. On Judgement Day, aliens will arrive with a moon sized spaceship referred to as “New Jerusalem” along with billions of flying saucers. The top 1% of humans will join me on New Jerusalem while the rest 99% will go to Hell. Judgement Day also coincides with the Day of Resurrection. Every human that ever lived will be judged by me and I will make the decision as to who goes to Heaven and Hell. The Bible and Quran describes Heaven as infinite pleasure and Hell as infinite suffering.

My first interaction with aliens was when I was 7. I remember being abducted. During the abduction my family was there and a bunch of aliens. They were short, big heads, big black eyes and grey. The event initially scared me and the next day I told my sister. Me and my sister went to my room and she said everything is fine, “aliens aren’t here”. Then suddenly out of the blue the box of legos fell, creating a huge noise and we ran away from the room. From that moment I slept with my parents for 5 years. Several times the aliens came back and I was scared. The aliens put a computer inside my brain. I feel metal moving parts in my brain from this. At the age of 12 I saw my first UFO. That incident removed all my fears and I started regarding aliens as protection. I went back to sleeping alone.

At the age of 12, I tried overthrowing the government for religious reasons. I was arrested for 10 felonies and expelled from Los Angeles schools. From there I used a loophole in the educational code to attend college and graduate from UCLA at the age of 17. Over the years I have been abducted many times and have seen UFO’s thousands of times. I regard aliens as my friends. I have seen their technology at action. Since the age of 12 my number one wish has been to visit an alien civilization, travel the Universe and live forever. I think it is funny when the authorities think they can beat aliens and go to Heaven by being as wicked as possible. I feel honored to be the human that represents Allah and his angels. I am excited to introduce the righteous to Allah and his angels as promised in scripture. I am humanity’s connection to the Universe.

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