Allah is infinite of Satan


So basically, high-level Satanists are being cursed with terminal illnesses. There are roughly 2000 high-level Satanists. Most of them are very elusive and secretive. About 1000 Rothschilds, 500 Rockefellers and 500 others. I recently cursed the British royal family with terminal illnesses. King Charles and Princess Catherine are now hospitalised. Their health situation is a lot worse than what is stated publicly. This is also a sign that Charles Rothschild(the Devil) and Jennifer Catherine(Bill Gates’s daughter) will sustain injuries soon from the Muslims. Everything is going well on my part. I am seeing the enemies get very desperate. They keep sending pornography to me with girls that look like either Phoebe Gates or Jessica Rothschild. They are trying to arouse me. LOL. Anyways, I am maintaining that the next important cycle point is May 24, 2024. The enemies mocked Norway massacre victims dozens of times today. The enemy keeps thinking that they can avoid Hell and go to Heaven by being as wicked as possible.

I’ve lived most of my life chasing people. I used to feel bad when people would stop talking to me, block me, refuse to add me or delete me. I remember when so many people would hate on me for saying the Holocaust is a myth or that Jews did 911 or that speed limits kill. But now that I think of it. I am happy, People are wicked, stupid and ignorant. Allah is infinite of people. I don’t chase people anymore. I chase Allah. Allah is intelligent, open-minded, and loving. The scriptures say that 99.9% of people will be misled by Satan to Hellfire. I am happy to be opposed to the vast majority. The enemy keep on becoming a bigger and bigger joke. They act all-knowing and all-powerful cause they hide like cowards. I have pulled off so far the biggest victory ever. I haven’t been harmed by the slightest sense while I have caused over 5 billion man years of damage on my enemies. The Ritika Dutta case was meant to crash my spirit, instead it rocketed quadrillions fold.

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