I was born to destroy the Devil’s plans

 “I’m sending my file to the authorities. The FBI/NSA will be after you.” That’s what Charles Rothschild told me in September 2012 after he stole over $500B+ in intellectual property, physically/emotionally/medically tortured me, detained me, turned everyone against me, threatened me, mocked me, casted black magic, voodoo dolls and more. By the way, this very ... Read More

Extermination of evil is very soon…

Anyways, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department isn’t scaring me one bit. On another note, it appears people from practically all of the government agencies I have been involved with have been reading my website through personal devices/connections. The Rothschilds are using black magic to make me like white girls, make me feel scared and make ... Read More

Enemies losing at a faster pace than ever…

The Satanists love to take pride in hating God, God-lovers and God’s prophets. They are crossing line in sands at an ever higher rate. Actually it’s indicating I am winning at an ever higher rate because 100% of what they are throwing at me is backfiring on them. The fact that they are taking anonymous ... Read More

God’s painful retribution for transgressors

Everyday that passes, my chances of winning versus losing to my enemies increases by a FACTOR of 1 billion+ to 1. I don’t know what is the next thing my enemies will do but I can assure you the next googol things(if they can do this many things) they will do it is guaranteed googol+ ... Read More

King of Kings and Lord of Lords

The current system will become the prior system. No longer will authority be in the hands of those that do not deserve it. Authority will be in the hands of those that deserve it. We won’t see those behind the worst crimes ever be in charge of judicial, executive, legislative powers and more. This “checks ... Read More

Illuminati anxiety is growing: Detainment possible soon

I would like to torture, kill, imprison and/or humiliate anyone I want to. I’ll admit since I was a kid I have been fascinated with power. The reason the Illuminati is fearful of me is because I’ll wield a power way beyond anyone has ever had. After Judgement Day, I’ll be able to do just ... Read More

Los Angeles Sheriff Department $2 badge vs God

I have been aggressively rejecting Phoebe Gates(along with unlimited money) and asking for a public apology instead. Now they’re heating up and getting ready for a detainment. It’s amazing, some cowardly filthy thug hooligan flaunting a $2 badge at me makes them more powerful than all the Satanists and Israeli Jews combined. Because of these ... Read More

The future is already set and known… by God…

It’s funny how my enemies keep blowing off resources and effort to do things that bring them more humiliation and suffering, sooner and with more certainty. Obviously everything they do is with the intent that it would work and bring them closer to the goal of making me give up my belief in God. But ... Read More

Perpetrators and victims are being mixed up

One thing that pisses me off is the continuous accusations that I am harassing Gates and Zuckerberg. Let me point out that over the last 8-9 years they have taken 99.9999% of my money and intellectual property. They have had me detained for 626 days. They have done extensive medication torture, extensive black magic, extensive ... Read More

100% Backfire rate continues…

Another wave of demonic possession was done today. There was a shooting today at a Walmart Distribution Center in Northern California. Let me show the address and phone number of the location: 10815 State Hwy 99w, Red Bluff, CA 96080, (530) 529-0916. 10815 is Rothschild’s(October 8th) and Melinda Gates’s(August 15th) date of birth. The number ... Read More