Trump case comments


The case against Trump is a joke. It makes it look like the USA legal system is fair. The truth is both Trump and the DA worship the Devil. Everything is being scripted. The truth is the top 10,000 people in World should be charged with murder, terrorism, espionage, treason, bribery, stalking, stealing, war crimes, crimes against humanity, insider trading, fraud, contempt of God, contempt of religion and more. They are charging a high level person with a low level crime to lie big. They want people to think that high level people are held accountable. The truth is the Rothschilds do things billions of times worse than what Trump did. The authorities all worship the Rothschilds.

Furthermore, the arrest date of March 21 is related to my house address in Los Angeles. Stormy Daniels was born on 3/17. My San Mateo arrest was 3/17 after 9/11/2001. The person who filed the case was 3 years 17 days younger than me. V for Vendetta movie was released on 3/17/06 and based on me. Also, the DA for the Trump case has the same birthday as the “victim” and attorney in my case. Furthermore, the DA for the Trump case is Black. In my case, they were playing hardball with black DA and judge. I ended up serving 1155 jail credits when the maximum was 1080 jail credits. My parents took note the DA and judge were not offering any deals and trying to hold me as long as possible without trial. The judge and DA was offering generous deals to people doing violent crimes or stealing. My violations were solely verbal.

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