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Article about San Mateo Case:

One thing to start off, I am getting information that now even high-level Satanists are suffering. Several of Bill and Melinda Gates’s siblings have been diagnosed with serious terminal illnesses. Donald Trump’s younger brother died on Melinda Gates’s 56th birthday. Btw, Melinda Gates is the Satanic Priestess for the Devil. She’s the source of the black magic. On another note, a business partner for 18 years of my mom stole $200,000 from her. She has been working for the Satanists for a very long time. I knew this and always warned my mom but she ignored. Anyways, 2 of her oldest sons died and her daughter got a brain injury in a traffic accident. The Satanists are aiming for a blow off in black magic to favor power level 6 over 7 through the TikTok acquisition. Donald Trump is forcing a sell-off of TikTok operations in USA with his executive order. They use repeating digit sequences on profiles, pictures and videos that are favorable(6) and unfavorable(7) to them. 7 is holy, 6 is wicked. They do this on all their platforms particularly Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. On another I expect to get detained very soon. Look at my Facebook, if I don’t post for more than 36 hours I am “in custody”. Expect a very quick disaster causing at least $1T actuarial damage… most likely super earthquake. Things are under total control. Btw, I hope the Bay Area enjoyed Allah’s siege of lightning. LOL, worst air quality in the World. Anyways, a Probation Officer that makes $2K a week can have me detained. I can cause $15T damage a week detained. God is infinitely more powerful than Satan.

 I’m going to have to say I will have unlimited power after Judgement Day. I now realize why my enemies are so dead scared of me. Yes, the previous detention made innocent people suffer at least a billion times more. That just implies wicked will suffer trillion+ times more. Look the ride to Judgement Day is like singularity. Near the end of wait, God’s strength relative to Satan achieves the infinity ratio as said in scriptures because of the total binding of Satan. It’s like dividing 1 by an ever smaller number down to zero. The extermination of Satanic blood tops it off. I’ll admit I have said and currently publicly have said many obscene things. Most likely I will not go through with them. Any torture methods I employ will first be tested on me to see if it’s “humane”. Yes, I’m dead serious about that, I will have a computer connected to my neurons to know how it feels. I will remove any evidence of bad about me and my allies after Judgement Day. Yes, I’m creating anxiety, drama and provoking a response. Hell, the Satanists have done so much more. Not just against me but the whole World. Israel is going on the Gaza siege to make Muslims give up their belief in Allah. This world is illusory compared to the after-life.

Let me make this clear, the Israelis are striking back on Gaza 50 times more than what Gaza does to them. Because Israel’s army is 50 times more powerful than Gaza’s militia. So you know, why not Team God strike back on Team Satan infinitely more because God is infinitely more powerful than Satan. The Satanists flew planes into buildings killing 3,000 Americans. This operation involved around 10,000+ people on the Satanist side. Then they had the Great Satan America invade sovereign Muslims nations killing and injuring millions and setting them behind decades economically. The Satanists got more support for Israel and Jews. The Satanists got hatred for Muslims and Islam. The Satanists pilfered trillions from the markets through cornering bonds, currencies, stocks and other securities before and after the horrific events. I want to make this clear, Muhammad and scripture says that when a righteous person is killed unjustly by a wicked person God will still judge justly. The righteous person will go to Paradise for eternal bliss the wicked person will go to Hell-fire for eternal-torment and suffering. The Satanists forced WW I and WW II on the Germans, the most anti-Jew country in the West. Then they fabricated the Holocaust myth to enslave the white race. Jews see themselves masters above everyone else. The Talmud is the filthiest scripture out there. It’s not necessarily bad being masters, but when the masters are wicked that’s an issue.

I wanted to get this excerpt from Wikipedia on Order of the Solar Temple:

“the aims of the Order of the Solar Temple included: establishing “correct notions of authority and power in the world”; an affirmation of the primacy of the spiritual over the temporal; assisting humanity through a great “transition”; preparing for the Second Coming of Christ as a solar god-king; and furthering a unification of all Christian churches and Islam.”

I wanted to note something, on my 4th birthday(October 5, 1994) a cult in Geneva named Order of the Solar Temple started mass suicides. They were different from most cults, they were very wealthy people in France, Switzerland and Canada. They believed in aliens and that authority was in wicked hands(they knew about the Satanic bloodlines). They were also highly anti-Jew and predicted that aliens would come during the Second Coming of Christ to unite Christians and Muslims against Jews. By the way, Geneva is where Dukascopy is located. Dukascopy Trader Contest is how I initially gathered attention and publicly showed my trading abilities. Within 24 hours of my Duakscopy Interview in July 21, 2011 the largest mass shooting ever happened in Norway. 77 people were killed, 11(number of letters in Jesus Christ)x7(my power level). Within 24 hours of that time, Dukascopy had a partner Kjetil Solberg from Norway form a corporation in Panama for me. Anyways, the corporation stole billions of my intellectual property and money. The primary method was by stealing my data sources and then sabotaging. Roman and Kjetil were very horrific to deal with and just wanted to know about “how” I trade. The Rothschilds set this up because they didn’t want me to trust Russians due to the fact that they are a major military power that has a population that supports Iran(number one enemy of Rothschilds). On another note Roman’s birthday is 24 October, I was released from recent 600 day detention when Jenn Gates turned 24 years 10 days old.

Look anyways, a lot of shit has gone down. I’m not going to assign all “wicked” people and/or “wicked” organizations harsh punishments. Everyone has a unique situation. There will be 100 billion+(all humans ever born since alien genetic intervention) minds to read at Judgement Day. So therefore we will see 100 billion+ different grades of punishment. The best situation is for those that those involved and have a lot of attention to just give a public apology. I’m looking particularly at leadership of Microsoft and Facebook for this. Lower level people involved that know, remember and are in the capacity of authority should take them and their loved ones immediately to Switzerland. Please print out my blog pages and any information fo corruption. Hand them over to Iranian, Pakistani, Qatari, Indian, Russian and Chinese embassies. Try to get word to Ahmadinejad and Khamenei along with the Iranian military. By the way, the Satanists are also holding Iran hostage through currency and bond markets. They can not attack Iran without triggering an alien intervention enforcing my rule. 

Look, I know I’m an arrogant person. But I look at my enemies and they’re vastly more arrogant than me despite being infinitesimal of me. For 9 years, I’ve had 99.9999% of my life’s work stolen from me, then mock me for being poor. For 8 years, I have been tortured with “medication” that causes flatulence, double body fat levels, sleepy, lower cognitive skills and voodoo doll pains. They make fun of my physique and laziness. They threaten that if I and/or my family don’t cooperate I will be locked forever. They move reasons from being suicidal, grandiose, mood-swings and lack of sleep. I’ve been physically tortured and humiliated many times. They expect me to apologize to them and show no absolutely no remorse. They just get wickeder by the second. They have tried turning everyone against me numerous times including family particularly through black magic. They have compared me, my family, muslims, Indians and religious people to rapists, dogs, shit, monkey, ape, fool, urine, short, dark and many other crude things. They have mocked, insulted and threatened my family on Facebook, emails, text messages, newspapers, TV and more. Then they have Menlo Park PD order my arrest for writing a threatening email to one of their agents. The most harassment by far has been by Team Facebook and Team Microsoft. The Satanists essentially harass me thousands of times a day. By the way, by scripture using black magic and/or inventing lies about God and/or Prophets is death penalty and Hell.

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