Authority is in wrong hands for now….


“If this Masjid had 100,000 people or more in it, and amongst them was a man from the people of the Hellfire, and he only breathes and his breath reaches them, the whole Masjid and everyone in it would burn down.”


Exactly at the deadline I requested to get a public apology from Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg on September 4, 2020 the Department of Mental Health came to detain me for what ended up 31 days. They didn’t show any evidence or let me contradict their claims. All 4 of the DMH employees were black which is less than 1 in 100,000 probability given that less than 5% of DMH employees are black. They made us wait 4 hours for the police officers to arrive for escort(normally it takes police 15 minutes to get to my house). I was put into restraints for 3 hours and then into an isolation room for 2 days. I was sedated very heavily by “emergency” drugs issued by doctors. State policy and law requires that emergency “medication”, restraints and/or isolation only be done in the event the inmate/patient is an immediate danger/threat to himself and/or people around him. The thing is during the whole ordeal I was perfectly calm and never made any threatening moves, gestures or statements. So my treatment was unwarranted, immoral, illegal and humiliating.

I am proud to announce I am bagging Bill Gates’s wife Melinda in a few weeks. Prayer levels will rocket after a landslide Trump victory. Melinda will die shortly afterwards. In a few months his daughter Jennifer. The rest of his family will be living with regret and suffering till Judgement Day. Then they will see even more regret and suffering at Judgement Day, infinitely more. The election is rigged and a lot more things are. Trump is being brought in by Rothschild in an attempt to start World War III. They can’t without my permission and I’m not giving it under any circumstances. I have maintained this stance for 9 years. They’re trying to coerce me to agree with their plans. What I found funny is that each and every person involved in this situation is more powerful than every Israeli Jew and Satanist combined. I wanted a public apology and they flouted it in the worst possible way. Maximum brutality, humiliation and punishment(eternal) for them and their posse. People in their posse please distance yourselves.

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