Becoming a better person


I used to be a very disrespectful person. I used to disrespect people for being old, stupid, ugly or poor. I used to very stuck up. I am not like that anymore. These last 13 years have been very interesting. I am a much better person than before. I used to worship money and say things like “I am not giving a cent to charity”. But now I plan and have given all of my income to charity. I used to want to be the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Now I am the total opposite of that. I want to be the opposite of them. I realize that I am Christ, and they are anti-Christs. They are very rude, disrespectful people. Allah is infinite of Satan.

I believe aliens will turn hostile on either May 24 or June 14. This is the Judgement Day written about in the Bible and Quran. Time is massively running out quickly. Scripture states that the moment of Judgement will be concealed. Judgement will be in the blink of a second. A day has 86400 seconds. We will likely see Muslims uprise globally before Judgement Day happens. I feel so lucky to be on the right side of history. I feel luckier than ever. I think of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg as being the bottom billionth Satanic filth, while I am the top billionth.

It’s amazing, within a blink of a second soon practically everyone we know will be dead. The later Judgement Day happens, the bigger the rewards and punishments. I have full confidence that it will take place. The Bible and Quran says is it God’s guarantee that there will not be an atom of injustice. The Satanists keep thinking that they can avoid Hell and go to Heaven by being as wicked as possible. The Satanists are sick in the head.

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