Coronavirus damage


Corona stands for coronation of Christ. I pled guilty on February 27, 2020. That day is when the markets crashed a record amount and started pricing in the virus. The virus came into great satan USA through Seattle and San Francisco. Gates and Zuckerberg territory, the anti christs. The day before I was arrested in September 2018, I said on my website if I were detained there would be a natural disaster with more than 100 trillion damage. I was arrested on a San Francisco warrant. The virus has caused over quadrillion actuarial damage. It was released by me and aliens as a show of force. So far the virus has killed 60 million people. 30 million directly and 30 million through starvation. The first wave killed 10 million people. The second wave killed 50 million people.

I haven’t even shown 1% of my force. I made in October 2020 the prediction the second wave would kill 50 million people. I said there would be deadlier and more contagious mutations. The satanists laughed their asses off and tried detaining me indefinitely the next day. The satanists doubted there would be a stronger second wave. If the satanists are all powerful and all knowing, why do they have to hide? They are cowards. Now we are on the edge of seeing a deadlier third wave. I should note me and the aliens designed the virus to kill above 100 million people. The virus can mutate and spread faster than society can create vaccines. The highest case fatality rate in a pandemic is the bubonic plague at 30%. I don’t see any trouble to get beyond that.

The fact of the matter is that the enemies keep getting wickeder and wickeder. I am declaring total war. A war more radical than anything we have ever seen. By the end of this year I will kill billions of people. I released the virus because society has entrusted authority to wicked hands. Society seems wickeder than ever. I understand I am not going to get a public apology from the wicked. But that just means I will enjoy punishing them more. The wicked act like they are above god, religion and prophets with their $2 badges. The death figures only speak little of the suffering. Hundreds of millions were thrust into poverty and got permanent health damage. This damage is well beyond any philanthropy of Gates and his buddies.

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