Coronavirus estimates, continued black magic


One thing of interest, for the first coronavirus wave on the United States, the wave flattened out(max deaths per day) on exactly the day I was released from 600 days detainment. The coronavirus first affected the Seattle and San Francisco metropolis areas. These are the locations of the two main Anti-Christs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. In the week before I was detained in September 2018, I clearly noted that if I would be detained God would strike back with a disaster causing at least $100T in damage. I estimate the minimum long-term damage due to the Coronavirus to be $180T. To give an idea, this is more than 3,000 times what Bill Gates has “donated” to charity. On another note, in the last two months of detainment, I was writing highly threatening letters to authorities about killing billions of people in the future. Yet the Satanists still released me because they realized my detainment was accelerating Judgement Day.

Estimates for long-term damage of Coronavirus:

30M people dead * $1M per per person = $30T

15M people dead(indirect) $1M per person = $15T

Medical expenses and damage on health = $15T

Lost production over next 10 years due to quarantines = $120T

Minimum losses = $180T

Right now the US government on an actuarial basis counts a death as $10M. However, one thing to note though is that average age of death is high, so I cut this in half. Furthermore, the deaths are spread out over many countries, a majority in poorer countries. I expect around 30M minimum deaths based on the idea that .6% who get the virus die(there will be numerous mutations) and 70% of the 7.8B population of World will be infected. The production loss is based on the idea that Global GDP will be lower on average 14% for the next 10 years than what it other-wise would have been. This would be driven by lockdowns resulting in loss of wealth and many businesses being closed down, some permanently. I also believe we will not see any catchup growth due to the overhang of debt for the public and private sectors along with less risk-taking by private sector. In fact, there will be less growth in the future and a very slow recovery.

I assume that there are around 15M indirect deaths due to several factors. Firstly, there will be deaths due to lack of treatment for people with pre-existing conditions such as cancer, blood pressure and blood sugar issues. Secondly, there will be deaths due to lack of food from the strain on global supply chains. Thirdly, there will be mass suicides for poverty and debts. Medical expenses and damage on health is based on hospitalization rates, expenses incurred(both public and private sector) and damage on health(worse lung, heart and other organ performance). Furthermore, these calculations don’t take into the loss in quality of lifestyle and fear/anxiety for the population. Another thing, I don’t include calculations for missed education for student. These factors are very significant but harder to value appropriately. I should note that since my detainment that started on September 14, 2018, I believe my spirit is at least 3,000% stronger. 

On another note, the explosion of the US Navy ship today in San Diego is due to continued black magic from Melinda Gates. Construction started on Ambassador Steven’s birthday. The ship was commissioned on her birthday. Furthermore, it is named  Richard. Richard Ha was one of the main people who Bill and Melinda Gates were using black magic through to make me like Jenn Gates. 

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