Corrupt legal system


Basically since October 2018 I have been under conservatorship in Los Angeles. The conservatorship was triggered by a psychiatrist claiming that I am gravely disabled as a result of mental illness. Gravely disabled defined as being unable to take care of food, shelter and clothing. They never tested my cognitive abilities which were previously measured in the genius range from standardized tests. They never asked me how much I made. They never asked me how much assets I had. They never asked me about how I take care of my food, shelter and clothing. They never asked me how much I spend on food, shelter and clothing. Furthermore, state guidelines state that if a relative is willing to take care of the food, shelter and clothing of a patient, that patient can not be labelled as gravely disabled. They were aware of at least 3 people that were willing to take care of my food, shelter and clothing. They were aware that at least one of them posted a $100,000 bond for me to attend court in San Mateo. They were also aware that all 3 of these people were my relatives and working age professionals with professional degrees. They simply made the unfounded claim that I was schizoaffective since the age of 18 when I never saw a psychiatrist until I was 21.

Conservatorship takes away my rights to traveling out of the county, refusing medication, driving, refusing hospitalization, engaging in contracts, owning firearms, owning assets and owning property. It is a severe encroachment on my rights. When I challenged the conservatorship I was not given a fair trial. I decided to have a bench trial with a judge. The court behaved in an unethical and immoral fashion. State guidelines note that the burden of proof is on the public guardian to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that I am gravely disabled as the result of a mental illness. The judge sided with the public guardian despite the fact that the public guardian presented zero evidence. When I requested a jury trial, they intimidated me by arresting me. I should note I believe the conservatorship was done on the orders of Bill Gates. Bill Gates has stolen over $100 billion, tortured and imprisoned me 7 times since 2011. They prevented me from going to jury trial because I would have said incriminating things about him and his associates.

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