Cursing enemies with white magic and evil eye


Okay so basically since my preteen years the satanists have been stalking me. The Satanists wanted me to give up my religious and political beliefs. They wanted me to be the next zuckerberg, gates or buffett. Anyways, what caught the attention of the Satanists was that my dad was born on David Rockefeller 40th birthday and I lost my rights on Rothschild’s 40th birthday. When Rothschild tried recruiting me into the satanic bloodlines, he noticed that I was refusing to give up my religious and political beliefs. They were offering unlimited money, sex, power and fame. They were offering Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, Kristin Stewart, Phoebe Gates and any celebrity family member down to the age of 9 as sex slaves. Truth be told I have decided to stay a virgin all these years. The Quran states that fornication is a major sin. Anyways they eventually tried using the criminal system to force me to give up my beliefs. I would rather be a CRUCIFIED righteous man instead of living a wicked lustful life.

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