Enemies are getting dumber at accelerating pace


Black magic is a capital crime in the Bible and Quran. Inventing lies about Allah is a capital crime in the Bible and Quran. Bribery is a capital crime in the Bible and Quran. Contempt of Allah is a capital crime in the Bible and Quran. Bill Gates has involved thousands of people doing capital crimes against my family. The Bible and Quran is the word of Allah. The United States statutes is the word of Satan. The USA is Great Satan. Israel is Little Satan. Allah is infinite of Satan. Allah is infinite of the United States. Allah is the ultimate authority in the Universe. I consider myself a number one outlier at science, technology, engineering, mathematics, economics, finance, religion, psychology and more.

Anyways I got into an argument with Bill Gates’s frontman Justin Le Blanc. I wanted him to admit he was wrong about being bullish oil and SPX in third week March 2022. He said I was deadbeat sick for having opposing views back then. He also further added that he is the best trader in the World, is always correct and never wrong. Anyways, Justin Le Blanc has been flat out wrong on the vast majority of things he says. He never admits when he’s wrong. He says a bunch of sick lies, barrage of insults and threatens to go to parents and police when he loses an argument. He comes off as childish, foolish, unstable and rude by a far margin. He is bottom of the barrel trash. He keeps telling me I am bad at math, trading, risk, prayer, life and other things. He says tons of flat out false things.

Anyways he is threatening to call my parents and try to turn them against me. The last time he did this was on March 7, 2015. He failed at that time. Also I responded by bagging Dave Goldberg(Sheryl Sandberg husband) and Beau Biden(Joe Biden son). The date he called was on the 6th anniversary of Avishek Dube death. Avishek Dube death was a sign from Allah that Bill Gates’s family goes to Hellfire at Judgement Day. Justin Le Blanc’s actions and behavior shows that he lost the argument, desperate for me to give up my religious beliefs, has a low mental age and has an existential fear of my religious beliefs.

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