Enemies continue at 100% backfire rate


The Satanists have flouted my largest offer of mercy. Well it appears the Satanists continue with their self-destructive stupidity. They keep doing things at a 100% backfire rate. I have not gotten anywhere close to a public apology. They had someone anonymous call my parents from a phone spoofed(fake) number to complain about me. For one thing I’m going to have say that the tiny little pawn who made the call is vastly more powerful than every Israeli Jew and Satanist. This was a clear cut act of flouting and disrespect to me, God and humanity. My parents have decided to change the wifi password(and not give the new password). I have severely limited internet access now. all I requested of the Satanists(numerous times by the way) was a public apology for misdeeds against everyone. This was a very much mutually beneficial offer for all parties involved in the situation. On another note, scripture states that Prophets, God and Angels should be obeyed. Violating the instructions of a Prophet is considered showing massive disrespect for God. Anyways, in my belief it’s to their loss and my gain they did this recent action. I find it very cowardly that they continue to resort to hiding behind anonymous identities. Anyways, to be honest, these actions were totally expected, so no surprise. They have also ramped up black magic and surveillance of me. They keep violating “Lines in sand”. I am now declaring that any Satanic surveillance by aircraft within 7 miles of my house is a violation of my decree. It will be responded to appropriately…

From Wikipedia:

I wanted to make this clear, they have continued with the John Nash hypothesis to this point. John Nash is a character from the fictionalized movie A Beautiful Mind. I call the movie fictionalized because the basis of the whole movie is visual hallucinations he had in the movie. The movie also implies his medication helped him. For one thing, the real story of John Nash is that based on medical records he was hearing voices and had “delusions”. It was never reported in real-life that he had visual hallucinations. Also, John Nash said in real-life that he believed his medication and treatment hurt him. Due to these statements he was not allowed to give an acceptance speech for his Nobel Prize. He is the only known Nobel laureate not allowed to make an acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize. Now in the movie his hallucinations were based on two characters named William and Charles. The same people that I apparently have hallucinations are are named Charles(Rothschild, the Devil and William(Gates, William=long-form of Bill). The movie implies John Nash was on medication for the rest of his life. In real life John Nash refused medication after a decade of psychiatric harassment(involving several multi-month detainments) at the age of 42. He continued teaching classes as a professor at MIT in Mathematics and Economics. Anyways, the movie was made to give the population the idea that smarter people are more likely to be crazy. That was also the reason he was given the Nobel Prize. These actions were done to justify political use of psychiatry against smart people who are perfectly mentally fine. On another note, the person who directed A Beautiful Mind also directed Da Vinci Code. 

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