Enemies cruising on 100% backfire rate….


Okay, the twitter deal has been approved for now. It can still however fall through. I should say I had doubts of the seriousness because musk is a pretty busy person and already gets fantastic returns on his investments. There is a high chance the deal can fall through due to shareholder or regulatory issues. I wanted to note that the deal is being used to increase black magic on me. Since the deal has passed, I have been feeling surges of black magic. I am responding by praying more intensely. My spirit growth is accelerating at a record pace. Even though musk has been making fun of gates recently, he is still controlled resistance. The devil and satanists have immense control of him through his money and power. For one thing, he wouldn’t be allowed to get into his position if he didn’t worship the devil. He benefits and has benefited tremendously from government contracts and subsidies. The Rothschilds are the largest shareholders of Tesla. Musk can question gates philanthropy by talking about satanism, 911, 311, central banking, my persecution and other things. The satanists can harass musk significantly if he doesn’t bow down to them. That can include imprisonment, torture, assassination, asset seizures, asset freezes, no government contracts and other things. Musk is a very exposed person and derives significant power from his ownership of major companies.

Markets on Monday had a false reversal or upthrust. We need several days of climactic selling with volume surges to set in a low. The upbars were sold significantly on the nasdaq particularly Google and Microsoft. I see the nasdaq moving down a further 20% at least. I recommend adding to shorts at Tuesday open on russell, nasdaq, dow, s&p, Tesla, Google, apple, Microsoft, twitter, oil and doge coin.

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