Enemies cruising on 100% backfire rate…


Okay so the Satanists are continuing to send their coward pawns to harass my family. They are still surging black magic to all time highs. They have a few weeks left and they are losing at an accelerating pace. My spirit and prayer strength keep going up at an accelerating pace. Any moment the Satanists can give a public apology as I have asked many times for the last 10 years. They won’t even give a private apology. They can easily send someone in official capacity to give a formal apology. They are still trying to push the John Nash hypothesis. They won’t give up. They are hiding like fucking cowards. They are still trying to convince me that the Ava Lynn email is correct. I have thoroughly debunked that email. They are still trying to convince me that the virus is either a hoax or that they are responsible for creating it. I have thoroughly debunked this too. They are still to convince me that the Holocaust took place. I have studied this extensively and know they are lying.

I wanted to thank some people for their services. Team Crescent was always running the game. Each one of these people are vastly more powerful than every Satanist combined. The list actually goes much longer but this is just a few of them. The satanists think they are all powerful and all knowing because they hide behind low level pawns, anonymous names, cover identities and black magic. I see these tactics as showing weakness and cowardice. Allah is infinite of satan.

Ritika Dutta

Shamik Mascharak

Srijita Sarkar

Ronit Mukerji

Lynn Le

Richard Ha

Ion Pairelli

Justin Le Blanc

Amelia Diedrich

Aaron French

Jeffrey Finigan

Norms Shapiro

Jonathan Bauman

Jeffrey Cugno

Peter Wises

Methavee T

Michael Sussinian

Michael Makhinson

Juan Carlos Zuberman

Kjetil Solberg

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