Cowardly enemies getting dumber at accelerating pace….


Okay so basically, the cowardly enemies keep getting dumber at an accelerating pace. Everything they throw at me instantly backfires. Okay firstly, they sent this John Michael Williams guy on LinkedIn to convince me I am schizophrenic. For one thing, his name is a reference to John Nash, Michael Sussinian, Michael Makhinson and William Gates. Michael Sussinian and Michael Makhinson were the main psychiatrists that abused me during San Mateo case claiming I was gravely disabled. The psychiatrists claimed I was a “John Nash”. Furthermore, William is the long form of Bill Gates’s first name. The chances of this is less than 1 in a million. The John Michael Williams guy claims to have an identical story to me and claims that he is a founder of numerous companies. He furthermore claims that his son is attending MIT on a full scholarship. The chances of all these identical elements in terms of names, story, genius is less than 1 in billion. I am more likely to win the lottery than meet a character like him.

Then they sent this Mohammad Gouda guy from the Dukascopy Trader Contest 12 years ago. For one thing Mohammad admitted to working for the Satanic bloodlines 10 years ago and I blocked him. Secondly, he readded me on Facebook on Phoebe Gates’s 21st birthday. Mohammad is trying to claim to me that markets are random and that my results on markets are just by lucky chance. For one thing, I wanted to note that the Z score on my Dukascopy public track record is like scoring 300+ IQ on a 540+ day IQ test. Furthermore, the p-value of my track record is like scoring perfect on the SAT’s 500+ times in a row or winning the lottery jackpot 200+ times in a row. Beyond that I scored 12 standard deviations above Muhammad Gouda. So it is like someone with an average IQ giving advice to someone with a 300 IQ. Another way to put it, imagine someone who scores in the .0000000001 percentile telling someone who scores in the 99.999999999 percentile. It is just so obvious that these two characters go out of their way to try to discredit me.

Anyways, things have been pretty nice lately. I recently started playing Diablo IV a few days back. I had to reformat my Macintosh to get it running. Now my computer runs way more smoothly. I got to level 31 after playing about 20-25 hours. I now feel like quitting soon because it is a big waste of time.

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