Enemies getting more wicked at accelerating pace


The stampede in Korea and bridge collapse in India happened because Bill Gates is stealing $2 billion+ in intellectual property this month by monitoring my Apple products. 

They are sharing screenshots of my computer usage to psychologists and traders to sabotage my data sources I use in trading. They have done this before many times over and will keep doing this more aggressively. It is quite evident they are getting adventuresome. They are getting wicked at an accelerating pace. First they were comparing me to Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett. Then to John Nash. Now to Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey and Leonardo DiCaprio. They are now insisting I am very poor at math and trading. Initially they wanted me to be jealous of Asians, then Arabic people and now blacks. I remember how they were playing hardball in the recent cases with black judges, prosecutors, psychiatrists and therapists. In addition they have a bunch of blacks on Facebook mocking me. They are having Phoebe Gates pose in photos with a black boyfriend. Anyways, the enemies are getting dumber at an accelerating pace.

Recently in April they sabotaged a billion dollar algorithm from AAII sentiment data. That was the reason China Eastern 5735 crash happened in March 2022. In addition to the sabotaging, they poisoned my mom, tried poisoning the rest of my family, then hired thousands of people to convince us that my uncle was behind it. Furthermore they started surging mocking, insulting, threatening and black magic on my family. Global events are showing the Satanists have unresolved karmic debt with me. Thus I will go to paradise and them to hellfire. Nothing can change Allah’s destiny.

On another note I am related to the Nancy Pelosi husband attack. Her husband was attacked by someone with a hammer. I have been threatening to hammer Satanists all these years. Also, the time the police came into the situation is 2:27 AM, I pled guilty to the Bay Area case on February 27, 2020. Nancy Pelosi’s husband has same birthday as Emma Watson. The Devil was offering Emma Watson as a sex slave for the last 10 years if I give up my religious views. I rejected.

Anyways, I am responding by aging Satanists more rapidly and cursing them more with white magic.

I wanted to share the intellectual property of interest that I have recently come up with:

  1. Google Stock Market News: Google lists the most popular news articles for the stock market when you search “Stock Market News” under Google News. Trading against this allows calling daily movements of markets with 65-70% success rate. The value of this is over $1B within 5 years.
  2. TradingView Trade ideas: They list the most popular trade ideas for the market. Trading against this allows calling daily movements of markets with 65-70% success rate. The value of this is over $1B within 5 years.

Calling the Nasdaq 100 with 67% daily accuracy rate yields 500% per year on average volatility

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