Cowardly enemies losing at accelerating pace…


Allah is infinite of satan and the enemies keep cruising at 100% backfire rate. So basically the enemies keep ramping up black magic. I keep ramping up prayer strength. The enemy is getting more desperate, more cowardly, more wicked, more stupid, more weak at an accelerating pace. I am getting more strong, more patient, more smart, more brave, more righteous at an accelerating pace. They have recently been using satanic programming on this guy Rakesh Bhatia from UCLA to talk to me. For one thing, I have seen Rakesh’s posts for the last few years. He knows about Illuminati, Satanism and Rothschilds. He has an IQ in the top 1% and a big conspiracy theorist. But what’s dead obvious about his satanic programming is that he has multiple personality disorder in the last month talking to me. Many times he alters between believing me and dead beat on discrediting on me. It switches on an hourly basis. He wants to gain my trust and then discredit me. This is how all people are on satanic programming. My family has been like this for the last 11 years. This is despite the fact they have top millionth Christ blood and genius intelligence. Rothschilds have strong memory removal, demonic possession and mind control black magic.

Anyways now Rakesh is trying to disprove Judgement Day and Second Coming of Christ by saying a bunch of false statements. An example, he said religion is an invention of Satanists to get support of Satan. If you read the Quran and Hadiths there is tons of anti-Satanic statements and not a single statement supporting Satanism. Then he says the Earth is flat, planets don’t exist and rockets are a myth. Time zones, GPS and astronomy completely disprove this statement. Then he says aliens are an invention of the USA and Satanists. That is completely false. I have the seen the Satanists compare aliens to monkeys, apes and rapists. Aliens are angels of Allah. Satan is the primary opponent of Allah. The United States is Great Satan. Aliens provide assistance to prophets fighting Satan. Then he says that I am a mind controlled slave of the Satanists. One thing I wanted to note everyday I make thousands of anti-Satanic prayers. I publicly threaten, mock, intimidate Satanists. I also claim that I will put the Satanists into eternal torment and suffering. This along with getting them killed and hated forever. Then he says the Satanists are trying to inflate me. The Satanists have actually tried to degrade me the last `11 years. By the way, Rakesh admitted to being under the influence of the devil.

The satanists keep posting this junk on my Facebook newsfeed. That people respect money not people. That money talks. That poor people have no friends. I wanted point Muhammad said the ultimate reward is abode in paradise after judgement day. Poverty, sickness, death, sorrow, anger, hatred, fear will be completely gone. People will live forever in eternal youth and bliss. There will be giant mansions, many servants, many virgins and abundance of money. No one will accept money as charitable gifts. Look it is quite clear the satanists are losing it. I believe very soon the satanists will bribe the Indian government to arrest and torture me. Recently there is an issue with Indian officials offending Muslims for anti Muhammad statements. This is related to me. Also the Texas school shooting implies a detainment is happening soon. When I am arrested by Indian authorities Allah will command Muslims to start attacking Jews. Allah will raise my body and resurrect me with alien army. This will happen this month. One thing I wanted to note initially when I talked to Bill Gates he compared me to the Slumdog Millionaire actor. The Slumdog Millionaire actor turned 13 years 6 months days old when I was initially released from Juvenille Hall in October 2003. I wanted to note in the movie the character was tortured by Indian police before being given his prize. The movie was also released on Christmas day 2008.

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