Satanic cowards cruising on 100% backfire rate…


The Satanists recently sent someone to convince me I am mentally ill. Usually they do this by having someone copy my story and say the same thing is happening to them. They have done this a dozen times over. They have even used people in the Bengali community(Madhu Chowdhury who is the only person I know with Bill Gates birthday). One thing I wanted to note, the chances of finding someone with a gifted IQ that is mentally ill is less than 1 in 1,000,000. And an even smaller portion claims they are a prophet(less than 1 in 10 million). Maybe indeed some of these people are prophets. The Bible and Quran says that there will be falsehood, rejection and persecution towards prophets.

There is this Meshach Ukpoma character claiming to be from Nigeria. Out of the blue in August he messaged me. Around that time my mom started planning a trip to Africa(for the first time), my dad started acting up on black magic and Phoebe Gates was posing with an African boyfriend. Anyways, the guy has a negative Dukascopy Trader Contest score(I am 12 standard deviations above the mean), he trades a $10 account, asks for money and says he is trying to help me get over my “ailment”.

Anyways, his story was very rare. In Nigeria psychiatric care is 1/100th as common as in the United States. He claimed to be a straight-A Mechanical Engineering student who had a temporary mental illness at the age of 22 believing he is Christ. The Meshach Ukpoma was copying my story and saying the same thing happened to him. Honestly, he was more likely to to be a multi-billionaire than to be be telling the truth about his story. This comes from pure statistics. It is less than a 1 in a 100 million chance that he is telling the truth. The huge giveaway was the coincident elements.

Anyways it is clear the enemy keeps getting dumber. If dozens of top psychiatrists can’t convince me I am sick. If my family members can’t convince me I am sick. My best friends can’t either. Why would they suddenly bring in some random low level person? On another note, the Satanists are surging black magic and that is why the Nepal plane crash happened recently. The man wasted 3 hours of my time, so I will respond billion times more with 3 billion man hours of damage on Bill Coward Gates. Each man hour for him is worth about $10 million. Bill Coward Gates’s Nigerian front man costing him $30 quadrillion. The Coward of Humanity. The Coward of the Coward of the Cowards. Credible deterrence=striking back billion times harder. Just like with Ritika case and pandemic.

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