Everything the enemy does instantly backfires…


So basically, the last 4 years I have been cursing Bill Coward Gates over 30 man years per second. The Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Seattle Cafe Racer, Wisconsin Sikh temple, Wisconsin brewery, Krishna Rajaram, Seattle flyer, Virginia Tech, Maine, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles dance studio incidences and more indicate that Bill Gates will murder suicide his family. Bill Gates is the unluckiest man ever born. Greater the pride, greater the fall. They keep asking me how much money I want and who I want to have sex with. They keep highlighting Taylor Swift, Emma Watson, Bella Thorne, Natalie Portman, Tom Cruise daughter and some others. I am requesting at minimum a public apology for the way I have been treated. The best decision Bill Gates can make in his life is to give a public apology and then murder suicide his family. I will destroy Bill Gates’s life with the “truth”. He is scared of the public from finding out the truth. The fact is Allah already knows the truth and is infinitely more powerful than the “public”.

Anyways, Princess Katherine and King Charles were released on my sister’s birthday(January 29th). King Charles is 777 weeks older than the Devil(Charles de Rothschild) and 426 months older than the Anti-Christ Mark Zuckerberg. April 26 is Jenn Katherine Gates birthday by the way. Anyways, I love my life so much. I live the luckiest life ever. The enemies haven’t even caused the slightest damage to me while I have cursed them over 5 billion man years. The enemy keeps on becoming a bigger joke by the second.

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