Everything they do instantly backfires…


Okay, so basically, the Satanists started their operation of foul play against me at around the time of the Norway Massacre(July 22 2011). The Norway Massacre happened the day I was in Geneva Switzerland to accept my prize for winning a trading contest out of over 1000 people. That day they had one of Bill Gates’s Norwegian frontmen and relatives of Taylor Swift(her real legal name is Allison Solberg) open up a Panama corporation for me in Panama named Ghosh Solberg. Initially Rothschild wanted me to marry Taylor Swift. One thing to note, in BIll Gates’s mugshot from age 22 there appears with my birthday, Taylor Swift’s birthday and Da Vinci Code release date. Anyways, they later changed to Jennifer Gates, thinking that I needed a younger virgin. Btw, my arrest at Tuhina Das’s house is 13 days before Jennifer Gates’s turned 13 on April 13 2009. Anyways, the main anti-Christ bloodlines lead to Taylor Swift and Bill Gates’s children. The main Christ bloodlines lead to me, my sister, my cousins and Ritika Dutta.

Anyways, the Norway Massacre was a sign of major foul play. Initially they stole about a billion dollars of intellectual property from me at the age of 20 through the corporation. Paul Allen and Larry Page warned me that the Satanists were planning to enslave me and that events in the Universe are based on me because I am Christ. Another thing to note, Tuhina Das’s address is Larry Page’s birthday and power level(1 in 2500 chance). My address has Paul Allen’s birthday and I moved in the day Paul Allen said on 60 Minutes that Bill Gates’s tried diluting Paul Allen’s shares to zero when Paul Allen had cancer(1 in 100 million chance). That 60 Minutes show was by far the most revealing about Bill Gates’s real attitude by far margin. In total the Satanists have stolen over 70 trillion from me, tortured me thousands of times, imprisoned me for 3 years, humiliated me many times, casted black magic on my family millions of times and mocked me tens of thousands of times. The enemy keeps getting more wicked at an accelerating pace. They think they can go to Paradise by being as wicked as possible.

The following were signs in the Universe are related to foul play against me by Satanists:

  1. Norway Massacre
  2. Virginia Tech Massacre
  3. Las Vegas Massacre
  4. Pulse Massacre
  5. San Bernardino Massacre
  6. Hurricane Harvey
  7. Hurricane Irma
  8. Hurricane Michael
  9. Hurricane Florence
  10. Hurricane Maria
  11. Covid Pandemic
  12. Hurricane Sandy
  13. Sandy Hook shooting

Anyways, the favorite thing the Satanists loves to do is to mock me. In particular they like to mock me through Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, emails, phone calls and just about any media I use. They love mocking me through front money scams. They always use cover identities cause they are scared of me. They think if they mock me enough it would discourage me and I would give up. Anyways, I would say they have mocked me tens of thousands of times. Every time they do this it instantly backfires. Instead I am motivated more and laugh at them. Each time I read a mocking action through a cover identity I say to myself in my mind… “They are mocking you through cover identities cause they are scared of you.” They could at least use their real name. Like say… “Zuckerberg thinks you are a poor loser.” Anyways, they keep on doing it again and again when it backfires. It is funny. Effort versus result and Law of Large Numbers says I am winning by a far margin.

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