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I have my first Santa Clara hearing in a few hours. One thing to note for the San Mateo case over 99% of the damage was after disposition of the case. The Santa Clara case hasn’t been disposed of yet. So far I believe we have seen less than 1% of the damage so far in the Santa Clara case. In the San Mateo case I did about 100 billion dollars damage before disposition. After disposition I did over ten trillion dollars damage. So far in the Santa Clara case I have done over 50 trillion dollars damage before disposition. The extrapolation is that after disposition I will do over 5 quadrillion dollars damage. I am not sure what the Santa Clara hearing will bring but it will backfire on my enemies either way. They are dead scared of going to trial and are totally bluffing. Already they have delayed the arraignment by 15 months. They are letting me attend the hearing by video from outside the country on own recognizance. There is no bail posted at all for an 18 felony indictment.

I wanted to talk about the mathematics of evolution. I am a creationist and do not believe evolution alone created humans. I believe god guided biological developments. Lets talk about complex organs such as the brain and eyes. Biologists believe genetic mutations produce favored biological characteristics resulting in natural selection. Lets assume that the chance of a perfect mutation in a gene is 6 orders. Lets further assume it takes 100 perfect coordinated mutations to produce an complex organ that has favored characteristics. Now this 6 and 100 estimates are very conservative. So the chance of producing a complex organ with favored characteristics is over 600 orders. But it goes beyond that. The human body has multiple complex organs. The chances of producing homo sapiens by mutation is well in excess of 1000 orders. To put into perspective the amount of stars in the visible universe is about 22 orders. The amount of subatomic particles in the visible universe is below 100 orders or googol. The amount of seconds age for the universe is about 17 orders. To put into perspective 1000 orders is like winning the lottery jackpot over 115 times in a row.

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