Extremely large numbers


People seem to be very dumb about really large numbers. When they hear about my trading results, they rationalize it as a lottery jackpot prize. Lottery jackpot prize are generally 1 in 10^8 range. My Dukascopy contest results is like 10^1000 to maintain such a high success rate over so many trades. The Satanists keep trying to explain that very rare events are just a “mere coincidence”. For statistical certainty, I look at beyond 10^20, which is equivalent to 1000 times more rare than 2 lottery jackpot prizes in a row. The human species is apparently made from about 20,000 genes. From a mathematical perspective, it is close to impossible to produce humans through evolution. Assuming a 10^-4 chance to produce an important mutation and 10,000+ coordinated genes, the probability of producing the human species by random mutations is about 1 in 10^40,000. To put into perspective, the Visible Universe has about 10^85 subatomic particles and an age of 10^18 seconds.

Basically I wanted to talk about seeing 11:11. All my family members have been seeing this for years since the Satanists started persecuting us. The p value of 11:11 appearing so many times over the last 11 years in my life is equivalent to 10^-800. To put into perspective being number one on Forbes is 10^-10. I believe the rare p-value and statistical outlier chance of 11:11 appearances imply that Paradise is worth googols of dollars. People put too much importance on money and credentials. Seeing 11:11 1% of the time for 2 months is statistically more significant than being number one on Forbes, getting a Nobel prize or getting a perfect SAT score. To me statistics is everything. Psychiatrists have had a wrong prognosis 100 times in a row while I have had a correct prognosis 100 times in a row. Yet psychiatrists are given 100% credibility by the courts and I am given 0% credibility.

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