God’s painful retribution for transgressors


Everyday that passes, my chances of winning versus losing to my enemies increases by a FACTOR of 1 billion+ to 1. I don’t know what is the next thing my enemies will do but I can assure you the next googol things(if they can do this many things) they will do it is guaranteed googol+ to 1 that it will all backfire on them. I would like to give this message out to everyone that is within the US government, Bilderberg Group, Satanic bloodlines and others. The Devil and Anti-Christs have truly left you as expendable cannon fodder. They gave false promises to you every step of the way that they would be able to beat God. They don’t care about you guys. Just because they give you pennies on the dollar of what they have doesn’t mean their interests align with you. Those that serve Satan will face a painful retribution. Satanists and their proponents equate money with power. No money today can come anywhere close the to weapons that God and his angels can and will wield at Judgement Day.

The prosecutor and judge assigned to my case in San Mateo County were clearly under the influence of Satan. So were the “victims” and “witnesses”. I don’t know if they were taking bribes and/or coercion/black magic. Based on the numbers, dates, times I can implicate Bill Gates in the case with a 100 billion to 1 probability. I will get down to this after Judgement Day and assign a just penalty. One thing to note, I was detained for 600 days and not once I was allowed the opportunity to challenge my detention in court. A government agent admitted they didn’t want me to see a judge in court to challenge my detainment. The judge kept on insisting that I was a “danger to others” despite reports from over half a dozen professionals interviewing me who noted I wasn’t a “danger to others”. Then the judge used evidence that I wasn’t a “danger to others” 14 years ago as evidence that I am a “danger to others”.

Now personally, I’ll admit I was playing a little dirty. I knew that Rothschild was detaining me as long as possible under the theory that I would eventually capitulate and give up my belief in God. The prosecution the whole time was playing hard ball, pushing for prison time and/or probation with no computer/internet use. So, I told my attorneys, buy us as much as time as possible under the theory that God would eventually step in and scare the Satanists into capitulating to more favorable terms for us. They kept on doing motions to continue and a lot of other “tricks” to buy more time. I knew every step of the way that my spirit was growing at far faster pace in detainment. On another note, I noted to my parents that I will not get out until I do at least $100T damage. My current estimates are that Coronavirus will do at least this much in damage.

When the prosecutor sent an email to my attorneys with her plans for no internet/computer use, that very minute a 7.7(January 28, 2020) earthquake took place. The magnitude level and decimal was my power level(7). The depth of the earthquake was 14.9 km(I was arrested on 14th September, 2018). To give you an idea, that kind of energy released by this earthquake would cost humans $100B to produce. As I was reading about the developments of the Coronavirus in newspapers during December 2019 and January 2020. I realized the death rate and exponential growth of cases meant it would become a major global pandemic eventually killing millions. Once the Satanists realized what was going down and that God was doing a “sneak attack”. They quickly capitulated and allowed an immediate release on favorable terms. Anyways, according to my calculations, Judgement Day was sped up by 1200 days by detaining me for 600 days. It was a complete failure for the Satanists to detain me.

On another note, they seem to be taking some jabs at mocking aliens. LOL. By the way, aliens can “neutralize” any human weapon at once including nukes. The Rothcshilds can order all the nuclear powers to fire their nukes towards where I am(Hollywood Hills) and absolutely nothing would take place. Btw, note the 2+2=3 in the picture.

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