Googol+ dollar inventions


Right now the Rothschilds corner all the markets and control all the central banks. They publish false news thousands of times a day and trade off insider information. From this they collectively suck out $20 trillion a year from the global economy and have a net worth in the 15 digits range. Personally, I think the Rothschilds don’t contribute shit to the economy, they are a big drag on the global economy. They are the best example of evil. The Bible, Quran, Jesus and Muhammad highlighted that obsession with wealth building is evil, anti-God and anti-religion. I think if we never had central banking the global economy would be much larger. I believe the central banks contribute to inequality, inflation, volatility and low productivity growth. Now I used to think of trading as the number one skill. But I don’t anymore. I think of inventing and science as the number one skill. As earlier noted I showed how if we can get cheap human level artificial intelligence we can get productivity growth above quadrillion fold a year. While we can accept that the richest people among us are certainly Rothschilds. They are also the most evil and destructive people around us. They don’t contribute anything at all. The average Rothschild sucks out hundreds of billions of dollars from the global economy and dies with hundreds of billions of dollar. Tesla contributed trillions to the global economy from his inventions yet died broke and in debt. Money isn’t everything.

I want to move onto what I think would be the best inventions to focus on. Firstly room temperature superconductors. Right now the superconductors we are aware of only work at below freezing low temperatures. Room temperature superconductors will be important in building more powerful processors. Then I want to move onto room temperature quantum processors. It is a similar story to room temperature super conductors. Then I want to move onto a brain computer interface. If we can convert brain electrochemical signals and storage into computer electrical signals and storage that will be very helpful in building artificial intelligence. It would also be helpful in connecting our brain to a powerful computer to augment our intelligence. I believe I can invent room temperature superconductors, room temperature quantum computers and brain computer interface within a few years. I am projecting that I will eventually be able to get intelligence quadrillion quadrillion+ fold higher when my powers fully mature. I plan on memorizing several million books. I plan on getting all the college degrees possible at all the top universities. I believe if we make these 3 inventions the increase in productivity growth over the next 5-10 years will certainly be well above googol dollars. To give an idea that is 101 digits. The size of the global economy production over the next 10 years is projected right now to be about 16 digits. To give an idea 85 digits is more than the amount of subatomic particles in the Visible Universe.

I am going to have to point out people put too much importance on wealth building. I think the Forbes and Bloomberg wealth lists are kind of pathetic. For one thing they are incorrect cause they don’t include the real powerful people(Rothschilds). But also the person who has topped off the list the most, Bill Gates, is the biggest loser ever. Some of my relatives think of characters like Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani, Mark Zuckerberg as greater than religion, God and prophets. I laugh at that notion. An average Rothschild died with wealth in the 99.99999th+ percentile yet contributes the most negatively. to society. Tesla died with wealth in the bottom quartile yet contributed the most to society. There is no clear cut STRONG correlation between wealth and accomplishment. There are a ton of high paying professions that contribute negatively to society like investment banking, fund managers, psychiatry, district attorney and police. I used to measure people based on much wealth they have. But I have abandoned that largely over the decade. As Jesus said, some money should be coveted but don’t love it. These days the number one quality I look at in a person is intelligence and open-mindedness. I also look at things such as honesty, nice, and being charitable. I think these wealth lists do a bad job by excessively focusing on money.

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