Hard decisions for Satanists


The last time Santa Clara issued a bench warrant for my arrest my spirit was 16 digits. I responded by doing $50+ trillion damage on the public and $500+ trillion actuarial damage on the Rothschilds. I killed over 100 Rothschilds by rapidly aging them through evil eye curses during my 413 days in jail. Now my spirit is 30 digits, over 100 trillion times higher. I am praying about 11 hours a day. My spirit is going up at an accelerating pace. I am projecting over the next 3 months it will be quadrillion quadrillion fold higher then current levels at 60 digits. If they file another bench warrant for my arrest that will make the aliens turn hostile and enforce my rule.

You will notice that in the San Mateo case they ordered that I be detained until the case was disposed of despite the fact I posted a $100,000 bond and doctors cleared me for my release. Furthermore, the first priority Amelia Diedrich had in the San Mateo case was arraigning me. In the Santa Clara case they have played many tricks to delay the arraignment. In the first dozen hearings of the Los Angeles and Santa Clara cases they were playing totally hardball. But they suddenly gave up playing hardball in the last week of my imprisonment after playing hardball for over 400 days. I believe that point was capitulation from the Rothschilds. They understood by then that my spirit was not crashing in jail but rather rocketing. 

There are allegations now by the prosecution that I have been sending highly threatening emails to them. But they aren’t doing anything about it. They could file a bench warrant, request me to post bond, request me to report to Santa Clara, add charges, add cases or request my location. From studying their behavior I believe they are scared of filing a bench warrant, arraigning me or going to trial. I believe everyone is under the Devil’s black magic except for me. The Quran says that at end times the vast majority of the population is under the influence of Satan except for Allah’s close servants. Understand the Devil has control of the judges, psychiatrists, police, prosecutors, sheriffs, witnesses and more. 

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