Cowardly Satanists losing at record pace…


Recently there was a major multi-train crash in Odisha. Recently me and my dad went for vacation in Odisha. Around that time the multi-train crash happened. I go to Odisha about once in a decade. The train crash is a once in a century disaster for Odisha. Furthermore, the 3 trains involved, the numbers are related to my cases. The Satanists are surging black magic on my family and people to irritate me. The train crash is a sign of the surging black magic. The coincident elements are based on my life by a factor of 99.99999%. Other than that things are going pretty good. Brutalizing and humiliating Satanists will be more euphoric, severe and earlier. The Satanists are constantly mocking me through cover identities hundreds of times a day cause they are scared of me overpowering them. They have mocked me 100,000+ times through cover identities. They do this to try to crash my demands and lower my self-esteem. Instead my demands are going up at an accelerating pace along with my self-esteem.

Everything the Satanists are throwing at me is instantly backfiring, thousands of times over a day. Yet they keep continuing at it. I was recently talking to Justin Le Blanc and he was saying utterly false things. They love to lie big many times over. He keeps saying I want to be him. For over 8 years I have been calling him negative outlier bottom millionth Satanic filth and me positive outlier top billionth Christ blood. He keeps saying “all press is good” when there is tons of contradictions in that statement. Think about the concept of “effort vs. result”. The Satanists have been trying to degrade me for the last 12 years. I have gone from seeing myself as ten times Bill Gates to googols times. The fact of the matter is that if I was saying the truth, Justin Le Blanc would have every reason to discredit me. That would save him and his posse from eternal torment and suffering. If he was saying the truth, he would have no incentive to discredit me. He is claiming his time is worth millions fold more than mine.

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