I have so far prayed about 6000 hours. I have caused over $60 trillion damage on the public. I have aged my enemies over $2 quadrillion. I have developed over $4 trillion in intellectual property. By far and large praying is the most productive activity. For practically all my life my dad was preventing me from praying, going to a mosque or reading the Quran. That is why he broke his knee and leg 3 times. My prayer strength is going up at a rapidly accelerating pace.

I served 1155 prison credits in the San Mateo case. I earned over 5000 prayer credits from the case. Each prayer credit is convertible for above googol dollars at Judgement Day. I am right now facing over 18 felony charges and over 70 years in California State Prison from the Santa Clara case. Bill Gates is having low level prosecutors play hardball on frivolous verbal offenses because he is the Anti-Christ and I am Christ. I have assurances from aliens that they will enforce my rule soon. The Quran states that persecution for righteousness brings maximum reward. The verbal offenses in my cases were emails exalting Allah and condemning Satan. I stand by my religious and political beliefs. I am fully prepared to be CRUCIFIED. I would rather be CRUCIFIED as a righteous man than live a wicked lustful life.

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