Judgement Day: Before May 2021


I’ll admit, at numerous stages during the standoff with the Satanists, I offered “mutually beneficial agreements”. Initially I would have been completely fine with “just” $1M in Spring 2012(after they stole $100B+ of intellectual property and money). It went to $10M in July 2012. It went to $10B in September 2012. It went to $50B+ in 2015. It went to $50T+ in 2017. In fact despite me requesting higher amounts, they have continued stealing intellectual property and money from me along with more harassment(medication torture, black magic, imprisonment, mocking, insulting, false authority, inventing crude lies, turning people against me etc.). They have steadfastly continued their cowardly defiance. 

Now it’s at the point where they can’t buy themselves out of the death penalty and eternal torment/suffering in Hell. No power, money or girl would be able to convince me to back-off from prophethood. I don’t care if they offer all the central banks, governments and major corporations, girls and fame in the World. I see Satanism as sick to the core and the Satanic bloodlines need to be exterminated off this planet forever. Their strategy has been based on “reducing” me by making me give up my belief in God. Such a thing would allow them to vastly reduce or eliminate any demands particularly. But this hasn’t been working for them, I keep feeling greater and greater as each day passes. I should admit. Looking back on things, the result of this policy means that me and God will be worshiped more. Furthermore, Satanists will suffer more, be mocked more and be hated more. 

As time progresses they are less likely to concede and stop their negative actions towards me. They will fight until their bitter end. They will never surrender, the stakes are too high for them. The Illuminati is in what I call the “gambler’s debt”. They know the chances are racked against them for them to come out “winning”. But they still continue with the negative actions they do because they think that they will eventually “win” due to the fact that they had such a huge streak of losses. The more they waste their time and money, the more they will keep doing it. It’s a positive feedback loop. They are afraid to turn back from their policy since 2012 because that would be them admitting on their part that they screwed up over the last 8+ years. They are in denial about the fact that every step of the way over the last 8+ years has not only guaranteed but hastened Judgement Day. Each and every single thing they have been throwing at me is backfiring. 

I will admit in Fall 2018 I massively overestimated my spirit strength and its growth. My spirit strength has to reach a “particular level” along with “other factors” going on in the World for Judgement Day and my Prophethood to be triggered. I believe this will happen sometime between December 18, 2020 and May 2, 2021. With regards to the Floyd protests going, it seems I have massively underestimated my spirit strength and its growth. My spirit is growing faster than 12% a month due to the fact that I chant and listen to Krishna consciousness material all day long now. The Satanic bloodlines will be executed in July 2021 after being in my custody for “some time”. I’ll be teaching them how to “treat people with respect”. 

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