Judgement day soon…


For the last twenty years I have been talking about aliens reuniting with humanity. In particular the fact that they are waiting for the right moment. I thought I can save most people. But looking back on things only the top .1% deserve new Jerusalem. Scripture was correct. When we reach singularity we will be in a totally new stage. Everybody will have access to things far more powerful than nukes. I made the issue that aliens think the vast majority of humans are too wicked. Looking back on things, the world seems more wicked than ever. The ones in power are absolute filth. I continuously made issues about speed limits, Holocaust, central banking, war on drugs, deception, wars and many other things. I have seen massive negative progress on this issue over time. There is no way an all wise, all knowing, all powerful species would reward wickedness. Anyways the time is very soon. I wanted to note that judgement day is the ultimate outlier event. The people on new Jerusalem will live lives infinitely beyond this world forever. It will hit everyone by surprise.

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