Killed Satya Nadella’s son


Recently Satya Nadella’s son died at the age of 26 from my evil eye curse. I should note Satya Nadella is close to Bill Gates, in some ways the modern day Bill Gates for being current Microsoft CEO, a Devil worshiper and very evil. Microsoft has mocked me thousands of times on their platforms Live and Skype. They steal billions from me, torture me, humiliate me, mock me and then further contribute to that by sending me email offers for tiny loans at high interest rates or front money scams. Facebook has also contributed to this extensively over the years. My Google and Apple accounts don’t have malicious material. That is because the Rothschilds suspect high level Google and Apple executives are on my side. They are too scared to have written records of my maltreatment in Google and Apple hands. I believe Bill Gates’s daughter Jenn Gates will die very soon.

I was imprisoned for the 5th time on Satya Nadella’s 50’s birthday and Satya Nadella’s power level is 5. That imprisonment lasted 17 days in psychiatric hospitalization and mandatory drugs that made me gain over 70 pounds of weight over the coming months. The psychiatrists were fabricating things about me left and right. They said I was gravely disabled, danger to others and danger to myself for believing I am a prophet, believing in black magic and that Allah is sending signs to the World. I responded to that imprisonment by sending Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria that did over $300 billion damage. I should note the imprisonment happened because I refused to take have sex with BIll Gates’s 14 year old daughter Phoebe at the time. Bill Gates was offering me billions to have take her virginity and even went as far as to bring her to my house. Similar to his offer to take Jenn’s virginity when she was 16.

On another note, the Satanists are still operating on a 100% backfire rate. Everyday they are casting an increasing amount of black magic to convince me I am crazy, God doesn’t exist and I am worthless. Everyday they are sending people to convince me of that. But despite all of this for years, my line of thought is going in the opposite direction to what they want. I keep feeling greater and stronger everyday that passes. The Satanists are operating on the Gambler’s Fallacy. I am operating on the Law of Large Numbers. They think they will eventually win because they are throwing so many darts. I believe the more chances they fail, the higher the certainty they will maintain a 100% backfire rate forever. The Satanists act all powerful and all-knowing but hide behind cover identities, coward pawns, low level prosecutors and anonymous names. I wanted to show exchange between me and one of their agents recently:

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