Markets experiencing selling climax and capitulation


I am recommending people go long Google, Tesla, Apple, Amazon and Bitcoin as of January 24th market open. Hold a balanced portfolio of these five and you will outperform the market over the next six months. Things seem really cheap. People are way too bearish. Personally I have invested 99% of my money in these five holdings and I sleep at night perfectly fine. I like it when people panic. That means things will go a lot higher. I am particularly targeting substantially higher levels for Google and Tesla in the near future. The overall stock market in USA is poised to rocket over the next few months.

On another note I have received intel that over 100 Rothschilds and Rockefellers died on January 16 from my curses. Many more are continuing to die everyday. I believe Judgement Day will be over googol times larger than coronavirus and take place in June. I am watching the death surge in USA from coronavirus. It will be really big news in February. Record coronavirus deaths and hospitals running out of beds all over. Many people will die in the streets and may not be counted. We will definitely see the official daily deaths hit a record and in reality over 10,000 will be dying a day but the official tally may not reflect that.

I am offering mitigation in return for a public apology by miscreants. I want people to distance themselves from Bilderbergers, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Gates, Zuckerberg and satan.

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